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Letter From the Board of Directors

This holiday season, thousands of New Jersey children will be homeless, lacking even the bare necessities of everday life.  Unfortunately, we cannot help all the children, but perhaps we can make some dreams come true for some of them.  These children, innocent victims of poverty, have all the same dreams and wishes as our own children.  They dream of Christmas and Hanukkah presents and all things attendant to this time of year.  Without your help, these dreams are unattainable. 

To help make a difference in the lives of homeless and needy children throughout New Jersey, Holidays for the Homeless and Underprivileged was established.  Holidays for the Homeless and Underprivileged is a non-profit corporation which distributes food and gifts of toys and clothing to as many children as we can possibly reach.  Holidays for the Homeless and Underpriveleged identifies specific needy children and purchases gifts and clothing for the children on an individual basis. 

Last year, Holidays for the Homeless and Underprivileged was able to provide toys and clothing to thousands of children who would otherwise have gone without.  The large number of children we were able to reach arose as a result of our statewide partnership with Project Head Start and our work with numerous homeless shelters, battered women's shelters and religious organizations of all denominations. 

This year many of you may have already donated money to the families of the Hurricane Katrina victims.  However, we hope that you can still find it in your heart to donate to Holidays for the Homeless and Underprivileged. 

Our goal is to serve every child we can identify.  We need your help and resources.  In the past, you were very kind in providing assistance to the homeless and needy children throughout New Jersey.  With your assistance, we can help wipe away some tears and frowns and replace them with smiles and joy.  Please join us in our endeavor and reach into your hearts and pockets to help this worthy cause.  It is our sincere hope that you will consider helping us out again. 


Thank you for your consideration. 


Trustees and Directors





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